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Partner with GMS, LLC to benefit from 30+ years of rental management experience on over 200 properties. You will get the professional care and local expertise you need for your property.


Detailed Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is how you can best ensure that your rental property is taken care of. Our high success rate at identifying quality tenants and avoiding problematic ones will take the load off your shoulders. We will verify employment, past rental verification, and credit and reference verification as well as the assurance provided by us visiting the potential tenant’s current home to see how they take care of it first hand.


Maximized Rental Income

We perform a specific, comprehensive rental market analysis, which assures you that the price we suggest for your property is competitive and that it will obtain the best yield from your investment. We strive to get you the highest rent that the local market will support.


Expert Marketing

We often use various media ads, including magazines, newsprint and our web site, as well as the NW multiple listing service to market your property. We also have a high volume of walk-ins and phone inquiries to our office.


Professionally Prepared Property

Before showing your home to potential clients, we will inspect the home and make suggestions for improvements that will enhance the marketability as well as increase the value. We believe that a home in premium condition will attract the kind of tenants who will take pride in caring for the home and leave it in good condition. We partner with contractors who are familiar with our standards, time constraints and will work hard to make your home the best it can be.


Detailed Documentation

Once we have the best tenant identified, we take care of all the paperwork, including the lease, walk through document, neighborhood information, security deposit. We meet with the tenant and go over all of this before handing over the keys.


Managed Rent Collection

We will collect rents and disburse net funds within 14 days of receipt of rent. If a tenant becomes delinquent we will take all the necessary steps to get them back on track and to collect your money and appropriate late fees. We will handle personal contact with the tenant, delinquency notices and eviction for you.


Property Protection

We will do drive-by inspections and yearly interior/exterior inspections. When we rent the property we will do a thorough walk through with the tenant as well as a similar walk through when their lease terminates. These inspections will help to ensure that your property is kept in good condition and in the most marketable state.


Maintenance & Repair Contractor Network

We will make every effort to prevent small issues from becoming major ones by our inspections and frequent contact with the tenants. Our 24 hour emergency line will encourage tenants to notify us so that problems are handled in a timely fashion. Tenant caused repairs are billed back to the tenant. Our contractors are licensed, bonded and insured as well as competitively priced. We charge no mark up for repair services and owners receive the original invoices from contractors. Additionally, we can supervise major repairs, renovation and re-construction at 10% of the job cost.


In-House Accounting Services

Rent payments will be deposited into the owner’s accounts. We can also make payments for basic utilities. Monthly statements will be mailed or emailed to the owner. Year-end IRS 1099 forms will be provided as well.


You have better things to do. You want the benefit of your property, not the overhead. Partner with GMS, LLC to take care of all aspects of managing your property.

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