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Owner FAQs



How many rentals does the company manage?

We manage over 250 rental units in Snohomish County.


Do your managers personally invest in rental properties?

Our managers all own rental properties of their own and have years of experience.


What is the average time to fill a vacancy?

The market is quite strong right now, so if the home is in good shape, clean and well cared for and priced comparable to the current market we find that they are renting quickly.


How do you market rentals?

We list your home on our website, on Craigslist, the Northwest Mulitple Listing Service and various other media.


What screening methods do you use?

Most managers are going to screen credit reports, employment, rental history, criminal background.  We ALSO visit the current home of the potential tenant to see how they take care of that place before renting to them.


What does the lease look like?

We use rental leasing documents provided by the Rental Housing Association of Puget Sound.


What is the late rent policy?

Our late fee policy is typically 10% of the monthly rent.


How many tenants do you have to evict?

We do not have a lot of evictions due to our thorough pre-screening process.


How does that process work?

If an eviction is necessary, we do this process for the homeowner.


How do the tenants contact the manager? After hours?

Our tenants are able to make contact with their manager 24/7.


What kinds of maintenance jobs are handled by the office?

The manager should  do a thorough interior/exterior walk through of your property once a year and generate a list of items that need repair/maintenance. They will also do periodic drive-bys.


How expensive does the work have to be before contacting the owner for approval?

We suggest setting a maximum amount that the manager can spend without your approval. You don’t want to have the manager calling for your approval to buy a $3.00 light switch nor do you want to find out after the fact that they had a $1500 carpet replacement. We set a figure that is comfortable for you. Consider starting with $200.


May I look at a couple properties that you manage?

Feel free to ask for the addresses of at least one “low end” property and one “high end” property that you can drive by and see if it looks like they are managed well.


What is your fee structure for tenant placement and for management?

If you interview a couple managers and one is much less expensive, be careful. You often get what you pay for. They are probably not going to take the time to do a home visit to your potential tenants’ property for example.


What about renewing leases?

Some management companies charge you the same amount to renew a lease with existing tenants as they charged to advertise, show, screen and place a tenant. We do NOT charge you to renew a current lease.


What kind of reports will I receive?

You should expect a monthly report showing your credit/debit financials as well as an annual report of the property based on the interior/exterior inspection.


What is Section 8?

Under this program, individuals or families with a voucher find and lease a unit and pay a portion of the rent (based on income, but generally no more than 30%  of the family’s income). Section 8 pays the landlord the remainder of the rent over the tenant’s portion, subject to a cap referred to as “Fair Market Rent” (FMR) which is determined by HUD.


Why do you allow tenants to have pets?

75% of the rental population has a pet, so not allowing them reduces your tenant pool to a much small number.  Since we visit the potential tenants current home before renting to them, we see how they take care of the home and if the pet causes damage, thus reducing the risks associated with renting to people who have pets.


Contact a rental management specialist today by phone at (360) 568-1402 or via email.

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